" Nothing but breathing the air of safari, and actually walking through it, can communicate the indescribable sensations. "

Inspired by our knowledge and first-hand experience of Tanzania and East Africa as a whole, we have crafted a series of packages to provide textured and authentic African safaris.

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Fit4Masafa is a tour operator and destination management company that prides itself in providing the ultimate and personalised service for special tailor-made African travel experience.


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Experts in groups and individual’s independent wilderness Safaris and timeless Cultures of East Africa. As the name Fit4Masafa implies, Fit for Voyage, customized and specialized tours, to the best suite your travel needs, budget and time. The company, locally owned, for more than 7 years, pose to deliver exceptional unforgettable tours from tailor made, business to luxurious adventures across east Africa region.

Iconic Destinations of Tanzania

The Serengeti "Endless Plain"

Serengeti National Park is perhaps the most famous park on Earth and is the quintessential image of safari and Africa for most people.

The Majestic Kilimanjaro

The volcano that forms the roof of Africa (Mount Kilimanjaro) is dormant. The Mountain is found in Tanzania inside Kilimanjaro National Park.

Ngorongoro Crater

Located on the edge of the Great Rift Valley, the Ngorongoro Crater is easily Tanzania’s most remarkable geological feature.

Some are drawn to the heights of Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru or even the active Volcanic Mountain – Ol Doinyo Lengai near Lake Natron . Others to the forested slopes at Ngorongoro. Whatever you look for in a hiking adventure, you’ll find it in Tanzania.

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