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Best Time to Visit Tanzania

Best Time to Visit Tanzania

The best time to visit Tanzania varies from one travellers to another and the reason for visiting Tanzania among other factors. What one may consider the best time to travel to Tanzania may turn out to be the worst time for another person.

In most cases, the best time to visit Tanzania is determined by factors such as the activities a tourist intends to do or the wildlife he or she wishes to see while on a Tanzania safari. Tanzania is entirely an all-year-round travel destination though the dry season is considered to be the best time to travel to this beautiful African safari destination. That is from June, July, August, and September to early October, or visit Tanzania from December, January to early March.

Most Tanzania safari destinations become wet/muddy making it challenging to navigate through game tracks to search for wildlife during the wet or rainy season. The wet months of the year in Tanzania are April, May, and November, though they are the best months to enjoy the lush vegetation of Tanzania or the sight of migratory birds in their thousands.

It should be noted that Tanzania experiences tropical climatic conditions and these differ depending on the region and elevation. The coastal area of Tanzania is hot and humid, unlike the low-lying regions which are drier and cooler. When planning for the Tanzania safari, it is essential to put into consideration the two seasons- dry and wet seasons.

Visiting Tanzania by months of the year

  • From June to October, dry season- Tanzania is best to visit for wildebeest migration watching/experience.
  • August-September-a favourite time to watch wildebeest as they cross the Mara River.
  • January to February- the ideal months to explore the wildebeest and give birth in the Southern Serengeti National Park.
  • March-May, rainy season ideal for game viewing in Tanzania safari parks such as Ruaha National Park, Katavi, Tarangire, and Selous Game Reserve.
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